Tuesday, February 17, 2015

February 2015

 Maggie was making everyone what she called "poke" hats.  :)
 Sarah got one too.  :)
 Then I made Princess Maggie a crown. But the Princess did not want to smile.  lol
Sarah looking serene.  :)
Maggie is super cute in what she called her Halloween costume.  : )  She went pretend trick or treating and everything.  :)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentines Day!!

 Making Valentines.  Big sister is helping glue.  :)
Thanks Aunt Beth for cutting out some hearts.  We cut out some more since we ran out.  :)  Lots of fun was had by all.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

January 2015

 Caught them both reading books at the same time.  :)  They love books and love going to the libraries.  ;)
 Excited!!  I love that she has started to carry her baby in the carrier.  :)
 So cute!
Maggie and her babydoll.  :)

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Christmas 2014!

 Sarah bean.  :)
 Christmas house bunnies!!  They have been so great for the girls.  This is Cookie in Maggie's lap.  I felt weird after I met someone with the name Cookie, but whatever.  lol 
This is Winky.  The girls are learning how to be slow and calm around them and how to take care of them.  So far they are doing really well learning how to use the litter box.  Were getting there.  They are good outside their cage, but still sometimes miss their litter box in their cage.  They say it takes about six weeks.  So hopefully soon I won't be cleaning it every day.  It's a good learning experience.  I've never had house bunnies before.
 They are so soft.  They are mini-rex so they are very very soft.
 Look at my pig house!!!
 Sarah opening her present from Granny and Grandpa.
 Toddler laptop.  Sarah has been having so much fun with it.
 Maggie's turn to open a present.
 A mixer from Granny and Grandpa.
 Making cookies with the mixer.
 Maggie and Cookie.
 Cookie in the litterbox.
 Mama in her new flannel from Granny and Grandpa.  It is so warm. 
 Maggie and her new lego's.  She loves them and plays with them a lot.  They are a little more advanced for her, but most of the time she can do most of it herself.
 Daddy in his new flannel from Granny and Grandpa.  So so warm.
 Sarah's new ear warmer from cousin Caroline.  :)
Sarah is a bookend on this post.  lol  I was showing Maggie that I was cropping her out because she had her eyes half closed and looked kind of drunk.  I didn't use that exact wording, but that is what I was thinking.  :D

Thursday, December 18, 2014

December 2014

 Daddy taking a break from playing guitar and singing for us.   ; )
 Dancing to Daddy tunes.
 Daphne is getting to be a big dog.  : )
 Riding my doggie.  Poor Daphne, Dave was trying to keep Sarah from getting in the way of picture taking and Daphne was overwhelmed while Maggie tries to ride her.  Heh.
 Taking a picture with her Mr. Potato Head.
Aw.  Shelby (also known as Belby by Sarah) dog with the girls.  So cute.

Guess I could do an update here.  Maggie is growing and learning how to share toys with Sarah even when she is done playing with what Sarah picks up.  She has had a few growth spurts lately and just a wonderful, thoughtful young lady.  Maggie is a very good Mama's helper and runs to get her sister when she wakes from a nap.  Sarah is getting a few teeth all at once at the moment, about 5 or 6.  She started walking early last month, in her 15th month.  She will repeat anything you say.  She has been saying short phrases since 10 months old, like "Thank you" and "there you are."  The other day I said excellent to her and she repeated it right back.  Pretty cool after her brother and sister thought about words you said a few times and then tried them.  Nope, Sarah just repeats things right back.  I'm always amazed at how fast kids pick up things at this age.  Sarah is no different.  I ask her to find things for me and she will and if I say something about where to find like a baby doll she's looking for, well, you better go do it now, heh.  We were looking for her baby doll the other day, could not find it anywhere.  I said maybe its downstairs somewhere.  Well, she was like "downstairs."  And then she started saying "come on" and patting her leg desperately trying to get me to go look downstairs with her.  So stinking smart and cute.  She is definitely the crazy one too.  Just will fly at you so you can catch her and say "gotcha."  We'll have to watch out for this spunky one.  She loves to laugh.

November 2014

 I got stuck in a pot and not happy about it.  lol
 Baby close up when I was trying to take a picture of something else.  Hehe.
 Playing in the snow.
 Two sisters riding in a sled. 
 Walking in the snow.
 Maggie wanting her picture too.  : )
Maggie's tower with fairy on top.  : )

Maggie playing in our first big snow on Halloween morning.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

 Maggie and her pumpkin.  Yeah, it's Fall!!  Our favorite season!
 Super cuties.
 Yum, corn!!
 Dr. Maggie is in the house.  She got a doctor kit from one of her friends and we have been patients lately, numerous times a day.  Heh.
 What a nice sister, playing along.  : )

 Checking blood pressure.
 All done.
 Maggie and Daphne.
 Maggie helping with her new to her wheelbarrow.  : )
 We are starting to walk.  Took 10 steps the other day.  : )
: )