Saturday, March 24, 2012

Maggie 6 Months Cont.

 So happy!
 Love how she sticks out her tongue now when she blows raspberries.  So darn cute.  Reminds me of when her daddy sticks out his tongue when he's concentrating on something.  :)
 Sittin' and chewin'.
 Deer in the headlights.  Well, since everyone else was letting their little ones try stuff I thought what the heck, we'll jump right in.  She's been sucking on carrots or celery and even the occasional swiss chard stem while I'm cooking or whatever so I thought what the heck, here's some green smoothie.  :)  If something bothers her in this mix it will take a llooooooooonnnnnnggggg time to weed it out.  Heh.  Oh well.  She seemed to like eating it from the spoon herself and then use it as finger paint.  So far its been a couple hours and nothin' is unhappy in her system.  She even looked like she had a growth spurt during her nap.  I was like wow, how did that happen.  She's been nursing a ton lately so I'm not surprised.
 Finger painting. Oh, that reminds me I need to go clean up the floor.  The cat keeps trying to cover it like someone pooped their or something.  :P  He even did that to some cilantro that I dropped, immediately tried to cover it up.  lol  Clean cat, it's a good trait to have I guess.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maggie 6 Months

 Playing in her high chair while we play skip-bo.  :)
 Chewing on the booger sucker.  :P  High-tech toy, I know.  It was one of the only things easy to clean when we had the scabies infestation.
 I think she has Granny's chin.  :)
 So happy.
 Love the smiley eyes.

The only way I could get a decent pic of her hair up.  I finally got something to keep it out of her face and from it just going all wild on top.  So cute.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Breastfeeding and Treating Scabies

So, I got scabies, I don't know where from, I get the feeling I might have gotten it from the LLLI meeting in February.  There were a ton of kids there, love this area, lots of nursers.  Kinda funny, because that's what I'm going to talk about breastfeeding and scabies.  You CAN breastfeed and treat them.  When I went to the urgent care to confirm that is what I had the doctor told me I either had to pump and dump (that really doesn't work, but I digress) or put Maggie on formula.  I looked in my handy dandy "Naturally Healthy Babies and Children: A Commonsense Guide to Herbal Remedies, Nutrition, and Health" book before I left, because I wanted to be armed with as much info as I could before I left home.  The natural remedies and the prescription, what my options were and if I needed a prescription, what would be best for me and my child.  I'm so glad I did.  I told her my feelings about pumping and dumping and told her in no way was I going to put my child on formula, like that is going to help her immune system if they do decide to infest her as well.  So far, I'm the only one infected, figures, I had this when I was a kid as well.  You can get it anywhere.  You don't have to be special to get it, it just happens.  They leap from one person to another.  Simple as that.  So, I went to two of the only places I know of that carry essential oils.  Don't know why the co-op doesn't.  First I landed at The Better Health Store, since they were right down the street from the Urgent Care.   They had everything except for the Myrrh powder.  They even had a back scrub brush.  You know what is really cool?  In my book I mention above, they specifically call for liquid peppermint Dr Bronner's soap.  How cool is that??  I already had a big bottle of it for washing your hands with.  Yay!!!  So, on to Foods For Living for the Myrrh powder.  I kind of had a pity party while I was in there.  Maggie was due for a nap so I spent about an hour in there looking around while she napped in her BabyHawk.  They only had Myrrh extract.  I asked them how to substitute it for the powder and they didn't know.  I figured I would call HerbLore if I needed to when I got home.  Doug was very nice and helped me quite a bit.  I noticed the Myrrh was on their "what not to use when nursing" list so that was my main question.  As long as I wasn't ingesting the Myrrh he said it would be fine.  I needed to know how much to use as well.  He  said to use two dropper fulls.  So if you use this recipe for the Antiparasite Wash, use that.  So, the first night of treatment, I could feel the little buggers crawling around and making me itch and then it stopped.  So far I haven't itched like they said I would, for weeks.  I itch a little, but its not bad enough to use benadryl and clariton.  I guess I went in soon enough, I can't imagine itching for weeks after while my skin heals.  The second treatment I didn't feel them moving at all.  Yay!!!  Home remedies rock, especially when they work.  I washed the dogs and cats and have done umpteen loads of laundry by now and still have more to go, but I highly recommend using this treatment especially when your breastfeeding.  I have 4 more days of treatment and doing laundry every 2 days and then treat myself and do all laundry in hot water twice a week for 2 weeks following.  Not so bad as long as they are gone.  This way I won't re-infest myself.  Good luck and brace yourself, it is tiring doing all this stuff to get rid of the little buggers, but once they are gone, they are gone.