Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maggie - 11 Months James 6

 James had a "Boys and Girls Time" sign and trying to get a neighborhood party started.  Sadly no one came, but I told him he needed to help me clean the house first.  lol
 Henry and Carlos.  I went to buy some house plants to help clean our indoor air and James wanted a cactus.  I remember wanting and keeping cacti when I his age or a little older, though they didn't stay alive very long, maybe we can get it to live a bit longer than I did when I was a kid.  Carlos came from a Farmers' Market activity.  His hair is sprouting bird seed.  It was 4-6 inches long before we forgot to keep watering him.  He was a happy little egg man.  lol
 Maggie and the kitty that lets her maul him.  Love that kitty.  He is a little stinky though.  Farts more than most normal cats.  :P
 Happy girl with her kitty.  First time wearing a skirt by the way.
 Oh, and her pirate shirt.  Go ECU!!!!  :P
 Coming to get the camera.  Super cute.
 I wanted to get a pic of her in the dress Aunt Beth bought her before she out grew it.  Dresses are really handy for long car rides.  Easy to change diapers, esp. with a cute cover.  :)
That is a Better Health card in her hand, I traded that for my debit card.  lol

James Was Taking Pics Again - Maggie 11 Months

 You can almost see her top tooth coming in.  :)
 Super cute.  Such expression, her personality is definitely coming out now.
 She is trying to crawl more instead of army crawl each day.  Now also pulling up on things.
 Mr. Blue Eyes.  :)
 What it looks like out our front door.  It rains quite a bit here.  I turned off the automatic watering system, it really doesn't need it.
 James' bike.  He has been enjoying that, esp. since his friend, Brandon, down the street has the same exact bike.
 Out the sliding glass door.
Goofy boy.