Friday, December 13, 2013

December Part 2

 I've fallen and I can't get up. 
 Cutie patootie.
 Rabbit tracks.  We were just reading "Who Pooped in the Park" and found some rabbit scat.  : )
 Her hair is getting so long. 
 Baby does not like the snow suit and neither does the mama, not very flexible for wearing in the carrier.
 Posing with the kitties.  : )
 Shelby at nine still has lots of spunk. 
 Love this photo of the animals and Maggie.  Going into the forest. 
 Somebody has the crazies.
 Thumbs up dude.  Great photo of Daddy and his girls.
 For James.  : )
 I guess the baby isn't going to wear the Thanksgiving bib this year.  That's ok, there is always next year. 
 I've got my shopping list, my Raggedy Ann doll and my purse, I'm ready to shop.
 Monogrammed stockings I have been sewing for the kids amongst other presents.
We are ready for James.  Plenty of bananas and a pumpkin for pumpkin pie, his favorite.


 Snow and lots of it!!  I realized I've been posting pics on facebook, but not here. 
 Snow play.

 Eating snow.  Yum!
Posing by the tree.