Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Thanksgiving Week Part II

 Throwing the football back and forth while Maggie plays with her own football in the grass.

 Mommy trying to get a picture of Daddy and Maggie, but as soon as she saw me with the camera she started to wiggle off his lap.  lol
 Our beautiful turkey.  Yum!!

 My beautiful tribute to dinner thanks to Granny for her easy to follow recipe.   :D
Maggie hiding behind the mama.

Thanksgiving week

 Hanging out on the deck.
 Banging on the greenhouse.  It makes lovely loud noises.
 Playing music.
 So cute.
 She loved going on the deck when it was nice.  Hopefully she will be walking consistently when she can do so again.  It is covered in about a foot or more of snow at the moment.

Early to Mid-November

 Do I have enough animals and dolls on the table with me?
Helping mama make sure big brothers' room is ready.