Friday, March 25, 2011

15 Weeks!!!

Dave felt the baby kick this last week, which was way cool.  So excited to start feeling baby kick more often in the coming weeks as the baby and my uterus grows.
 That looks like an awkward position.  I guess holding my shirt in front would be better. : )
Don't I look happy.  Dave took the pic before I was ready.  Haha.

Diaper Giveaway!!!

At One Smiley Monkey.  Really cute, you gotta check them out.

Friday, March 18, 2011

14 Weeks!!

I'm going to be one big mama.  I'm already in larger size maternity pants than last time.  Heh.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Slinging. Is it Safe?

Of course its safe, as long as you do it safely and pick your slings wisely.  Mothering has an article about it hereThe Baby Wearer . com has a library full of awesome information and detailed pictures on how to sling your baby safely and in all different types of carriers.  I have used a ring sling, a pouch sling, and the Ergo.  I really want to try the babyhawk carrier, which is a type of mei tei carrier.  Lots of fun designs and styles to choose from. Choosing a carrier.  I really want to try the BabyHawk this time around, but I love my Ergo too.

Infant Car Seats and Using them For Infant Sleep Time

These articles make me feel better and better about not getting an infant car seat this time around.  It's too tempting to leave them in them when they are asleep and just take them with you.  I've seen more and more studies about babies and SIDS and these car seats lately.  *shutter*  Slings are a must and yes, move that baby out of the seat when you get to your destination.  I will post about slings and sling safety soon as well.

AAP: Car Seats Lower Oxygen Levels of Newborns 

Strollers, Baby Carriers, and Infant Stress

Hypoxia Risk Cited for Infant Car Seats and Beds

Infant car seats can trim babies' oxygen levels

Infant Car Seats May Lower Oxygen Levels

Simple Stretches and Self-Massage Relieve Tension from Breastfeeding

This is an article and video from Massage By Heather.  I will have to remember this one after the baby is born. :)

Couple of Good Articles About Spanking

The Long-Term Effects of Spanking

Spanking 1-year-olds is common in depressed dads

Depression is common now a days and should be treated as soon as you think you have it.  Naturally is the best way working with a Naturopath.   I had depression for many years, my naturopath said for maybe most of my life.  Most likely the way I was raised and under stress most of my life (a common culprit of depleting your essential amino acids).  Most of the time it is an essential amino acid deficiency.  "Mood Cure" by Julia Ross is an awesome resource given to me by my Naturopath in CA.  They also have a questionnaire on the website to see if you have symptoms of any of the major amino acid deficiencies.  Depression is real and needs to be treated.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Belly Pics

Barely a line, but it was there.  : )
4 weeks
6 weeks
7 weeks
8 weeks
I don't know, somewhere in between 8 and 9 weeks.
10 weeks.  I was trying to figure out the better side.  Do you want to see my insulin pump infusion set or bruises from giving myself insulin.  Now, I have one side of my belly that is pretty again. 
10 weeks 4 days
11 weeks 5days
12 weeks 3 days
13 weeks
Now your up to date. : )

7 Ways Dads CAN Bond With Their Baby That Doesn't Involve a Bottle

7 Ways Dads CAN Bond With Their Baby That Doesn't Involve a Bottle

I was asked this question plenty of times when James was a baby, but there are plenty of things dad and baby can do that doesn't involve using a bottle.  Just spending enough time with your family and dad will have plenty of opportunities for bonding.  It truly is mom's job to do the feeding if she is able to breastfeed on demand.  I believe bottle feeding actually cause obesity in children and adults because they drink all that milk so fast and usually drink to much at one time instead of slowly and steadily getting it from the breast and bonding with mama.