Monday, March 14, 2011

Couple of Good Articles About Spanking

The Long-Term Effects of Spanking

Spanking 1-year-olds is common in depressed dads

Depression is common now a days and should be treated as soon as you think you have it.  Naturally is the best way working with a Naturopath.   I had depression for many years, my naturopath said for maybe most of my life.  Most likely the way I was raised and under stress most of my life (a common culprit of depleting your essential amino acids).  Most of the time it is an essential amino acid deficiency.  "Mood Cure" by Julia Ross is an awesome resource given to me by my Naturopath in CA.  They also have a questionnaire on the website to see if you have symptoms of any of the major amino acid deficiencies.  Depression is real and needs to be treated.

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