Friday, December 13, 2013

December Part 2

 I've fallen and I can't get up. 
 Cutie patootie.
 Rabbit tracks.  We were just reading "Who Pooped in the Park" and found some rabbit scat.  : )
 Her hair is getting so long. 
 Baby does not like the snow suit and neither does the mama, not very flexible for wearing in the carrier.
 Posing with the kitties.  : )
 Shelby at nine still has lots of spunk. 
 Love this photo of the animals and Maggie.  Going into the forest. 
 Somebody has the crazies.
 Thumbs up dude.  Great photo of Daddy and his girls.
 For James.  : )
 I guess the baby isn't going to wear the Thanksgiving bib this year.  That's ok, there is always next year. 
 I've got my shopping list, my Raggedy Ann doll and my purse, I'm ready to shop.
 Monogrammed stockings I have been sewing for the kids amongst other presents.
We are ready for James.  Plenty of bananas and a pumpkin for pumpkin pie, his favorite.


 Snow and lots of it!!  I realized I've been posting pics on facebook, but not here. 
 Snow play.

 Eating snow.  Yum!
Posing by the tree.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

November 2013 Part 2

 Love our little one to pieces.
 So expressive.
 Talking to mama.
Me and my girls.  One sleeping.  : )

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

November 2013

New winter duds.
New to her winter boots, sweater and gloves with butterflies on them.  I was so excited to find a resale kids store nearby. 
 My little cutie.
 Stop.  As in stop walking toward me so I can take your picture silly girl.  : )

Friday, October 18, 2013

October 2013

 Cookie Monster shirt.  Seems appropriate after reading Jim Henson's Biography.  It was very good by the way.  I highly recommend it.
 This little girl is definitely wrapped around someone's little finger. 
 She wanted to carry around her dog like mama carries around the baby, in a carrier.
 The many faces of Sarah.

I couldn't just pick out one.  : P

Saturday, October 5, 2013

September 2013

The family bed.  Everyone snuggled and happily sleeping in.
 You said what?!?
 I know I'm super cute and pudgerific. 

Um, yes, this is what happens when mommy unwisely gives the toddler something and figures she won't take it apart.  lol  I did manage to salvage some of the plumbers tape and put the other shower head in the bathroom.  :P

Potty Learning Update

Oh my goodness, potty learning is going so well.  Except for at night she has been in big girl underwear for over 2 weeks.  Yay!!!  Granny told us to do it fully for two weeks to not confuse her and its working.  Yes!!  So much easier than James who had to also deal with his dad and I going through a divorce at the same time.  So, having a child potty learn this quickly is just so darn neat.  I think we need to get the inserts for the big potty and a couple of step stools and then it will be much easier on mommy since I have to empty and rinse out the little potties every time and hold a newborn at the same time, most of the time.  Pooping in the potty has been a little more tricky, but I think its because last week she was a little constipated.


I wrote that a week or two ago and now she is in underwear completely.  Only one accident this week and now she is going all by herself without mommy.  Yay!! 

Friday, August 30, 2013

Potty Learning

I know, 3 posts in one night, not common.  lol

Well, big girl Maggie last Saturday decided after James left that its time to seriously potty learn.  She hasn't been consistently using her potty since we started packing to move into our new house.  So cool.  I think she is ready for underwear too, at least at home for now.  She has been wanting to pull up her pants after going and then not wanting a diaper and when I do put a diaper on she tells me when she is going, so we could be pretty good at catching pees and maybe soon poops in her potty.  She has one now set up in each bathroom.

So exciting!!  Maybe we will be just using diapers for one little one soon.  So cool.

I did send Dave and Maggie out and during their errands picked up some Dora underwear at Kohl's.  Yay!!

A New Chapter Starts For the Holt Family

I'm so excited!!  No more pregnancies or labors for this mama.  I'm so happy to finally say we are going to watch our kids grow and change and then start homeschooling.  James will be doing home study while he is here for a few months during the winter months and hopefully can join the homeschooling group to get him involved with some of their activities.  Maggie will be starting tumbling this winter at the Y and maybe we can find a winter activity for James at the Y as well.  Maybe swim lessons since they have an inside pool to get ready for next summer so if he decides to go to Granny's for camp he can possibly be ready to have full use of the lake at Camp Weaver.  I'm excited for the future of 4-H meetings and maybe girl scouts.  I had a bad experience in girl scouts, but maybe they will have a nice group here.  We'll see. 

I'm sure next growing season we will have lots of pictures of the girls and James in the garden with mama. 
We will be ordering chicks to arrive in February so they will start laying during the warm season.  Maybe some ducks and we'll save the turkeys for the following year.

Here we come New Chapter!!!!

 Mama with her two babies.  We cannot fit in this chair all together nursing anymore.  Baby has grown 3 pounds since she was born and Big girl Maggie also has grown and chunked out a little. I think she is making up for lost time, not getting much milk during my pregnancy.
 Daddy and his girls.
 I think I have a pose like this from James when he was this little, well, he was never this little.  lol
 Eyes open.  You can see she had a little blood vessel pop in her eye from the birth. 
 Maggie saying "hi."
 Granny and the kids.  And a photo bomb by the dog, yes, he is licking himself.  Sigh...
 Granny, Sarah and James.
 Maggie and her pa.  When we ask her about him she can only say the "pa" part.  : )
 My little angels sleeping.
 Sleepy one.

 James wanted me to take a picture of his tooth. Here is James before the "tooth fairy" took it.
 Another sleepy girl shot.
I just thought it was funny how Marshall was sleeping.  He loves his crate.  He eats things and screens if we leave him out when we leave the house, but he loves sleeping in his crate even when its open.  Dave accidently left them in the house by themselves when we he went downstairs and I was outside.  The ground beef I had in a bowl on the counter had a bite in it when I came back in.  lol  I took the part where the bite mark was and gave it to Shelby in front of him.  Hah!  Then we cooked the rest for dinner.  Hey, we don't waste anything here. lol