Saturday, October 5, 2013

Potty Learning Update

Oh my goodness, potty learning is going so well.  Except for at night she has been in big girl underwear for over 2 weeks.  Yay!!!  Granny told us to do it fully for two weeks to not confuse her and its working.  Yes!!  So much easier than James who had to also deal with his dad and I going through a divorce at the same time.  So, having a child potty learn this quickly is just so darn neat.  I think we need to get the inserts for the big potty and a couple of step stools and then it will be much easier on mommy since I have to empty and rinse out the little potties every time and hold a newborn at the same time, most of the time.  Pooping in the potty has been a little more tricky, but I think its because last week she was a little constipated.


I wrote that a week or two ago and now she is in underwear completely.  Only one accident this week and now she is going all by herself without mommy.  Yay!! 

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