Sunday, July 21, 2013

More July Pics

 Such a cutie.  Wondering what this new babies' hair color is going to be and "if" she will have lots of it like Maggie or barely any hair like James.
 My belly cast for 37 weeks 2 days.  Thanks to my wonderful hubby who did this for me after spending all day outside doing chores.  : )  It's tradition to do it exactly on that day.  It will be a cool comparison and even cooler art project when I get to finishing them, sanding them and painting them all.  I have ideas of how I'm going to paint each one and they will all be unique.
 Me and the kids.  Love my munchkins.  I think Maggie knows something is going to change soon, she is all about mama right now.  Hopefully this will be a pretty smooth transition for her.
 Maggie and our new doggie.  We love him.  I've been wanting to get another lab since Shelley passed away and he is so awesome.  His name is "Marshall", 2 1/2 years old, unfixed, but we will get on that in the next month of two. He is keeping Miss Shelby dog on her toes.  He is 20-30 pounds heavier than her, but sometimes she does beat him to his ball or tire.  So fun to watch.
 Love him!
 The mobile I made with the stars.  Maggie's newborn pics in the background that Granny had done for us.
I tried to make it so that we didn't hit them every time we changed a diaper.  Maggie likes them so far.

Monday, July 15, 2013


 Happy Birthday to me.  This is what we do when we don't eat sugar.  Fruit cake. Yum, watermelon.
 37 weeks 2days.  Look my shirt still covers my belly.
So much smaller this time.  Really hoping for an 8lb or under baby.  Oh, and I just compared my pic from Maggie's pregnancy.  What a difference.  I look so much healthier now.  Wow, even my color and so much inflammation probably from my wheat intolerance and from consuming sugar.  Here I am with Maggie:


 I love to dress up.  She has matching shirt and bib.  She has one of daddy's socks and a newborn booty on and a newborn cardigan that actually fits her, but with short sleeves.  Totally has my mom's face here, which is awesome.  So cool to see.
 And she is wearing shoes.  Yes, she actually went out this am and kept them on the whole time.  Amazing.
 James was very excited about putting his puzzle together.
And now the puzzle is a pillow.

Deer Siting and Dog

 Oh the dog does love the carpet even if we don't.
First deer siting in the yard.

June and July Part One

 Maggie in her shirt she received last summer from her Hawaiian cousins.  : )
 James is here for the summer and Maggie has butterfly ears. 
 Playing dress up with a scarf on her head.

 In Mr. Potato head's glasses.
 Looking down my nose at you.
 And James with the glasses on.
 Cuteness on another day.
 Big smiles.