Saturday, May 28, 2011

24 Weeks

 She has been partying in my belly since I got back from CA.
And the goofy kid comes out.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Craftiness For The Baby So Far

Knit hat to go with the...

Wool pants (longies).  Aren't they cute?  I am so amazed at my craftiness.  I've never knitted a pattern, much less anything else.  Pretty nifty.  It was a really easy pattern to follow called WonderPants.

21 weeks 4 Days


I have been reading lots of post on circumcision lately and all I can think is poor babies.  They don't give pain meds and say the babies don't  feel it.  Bullcrap.  Have you seen a circumcision video before?  Ugh.  Here is one if you haven't.  Here is a recent article on FB that I shared from someone else.

Here is how to clean an intact penis.  Its just like cleaning a finger, nothing more than that until the skin detaches.  And yes, I was at the library when I posted this.  : P