Saturday, February 18, 2012

I Sent My Heart To James For Valentines Day :D

The pattern for this heart can be found here.

4-5 Months

 She started on the top right of her blanket.
 The spoons are after me.  lol
 Shelby looking guilty because I had to tell her to knock off the licking of the face.  A little is ok, but she goes overboard.  She loves her babies though.  :D
 I just missed it, they were both on their backs at the same time.
Maggie loves hanging out with her doggies.  She just wishes she could scoot forward already.  It's frustrating.  Sigh...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Maggie 4 Months

Nom nom nom...

The Cat is Doing What to the Dog?!?!?!!! LOL!!!

The Cats Love Each Other!

 They love to cuddle now and lick each other.
 Playing.  It's hard to tell who's who.
Oliver with his paw on Panther's head. 

Christmas and New Years Pics by James

 Maggie and James' doll.
 I love how I'm peaking out with one eye.  lol
 The car
 Precious pic of Maggie.
 Drooly Maggie.

 The sky.
 His shoes.
More sky.