Tuesday, July 31, 2012

10 Months

Shhhhh.....   don't tell her that plain yogurt can be sweetened.  :D  My little cutie patootie getting messy with plain greek yogurt.  Yum, the best.  I can see a lot of what I looked like as a baby in her in this pic.  So cute. Oh, and you can see her two teeth.  Yesterday she was grinding them against her top tooth that is barely coming in.  Eeek.  Mommy didn't like that noise.

Monday, July 30, 2012

8 Months

I'm behind in pictures.  You know, moving and all that, things can back up.  We are happily moved to our new place in Three Lakes, WI.  Lovely place, a bit touristy, but that's ok, the weather is great, we get to go to the lake every day.  I wish there were a better health store selection, but its not bad, oh, and food policy here.  They have a lot of food policy here.  More reason to get our homestead going.  Here are some 8 month pictures.
 Where's the baby??
 There she is.

 Our little cutie.
 Trying to get the kitty.
 After the kitty.
 Wait she's going around the kitty.

 Oh, after that tail.  :)
 Come back kitty tail.
 Someone special gave mommy some Mother's Day money and this is what mommy did with it.  Some new toys for the kids.  :D
 Mmmmm.....  pastured bacon!
Our new kitty.  Mr. Chai as in Iced Chai.  Dave says he's iced, because he is so cool.  lol.  He is another polydactyl kitty.  They're are so sweet.  They do really well with the kids, especially the baby.