Sunday, August 19, 2012

Maggie - 11 Months James 6

 James had a "Boys and Girls Time" sign and trying to get a neighborhood party started.  Sadly no one came, but I told him he needed to help me clean the house first.  lol
 Henry and Carlos.  I went to buy some house plants to help clean our indoor air and James wanted a cactus.  I remember wanting and keeping cacti when I his age or a little older, though they didn't stay alive very long, maybe we can get it to live a bit longer than I did when I was a kid.  Carlos came from a Farmers' Market activity.  His hair is sprouting bird seed.  It was 4-6 inches long before we forgot to keep watering him.  He was a happy little egg man.  lol
 Maggie and the kitty that lets her maul him.  Love that kitty.  He is a little stinky though.  Farts more than most normal cats.  :P
 Happy girl with her kitty.  First time wearing a skirt by the way.
 Oh, and her pirate shirt.  Go ECU!!!!  :P
 Coming to get the camera.  Super cute.
 I wanted to get a pic of her in the dress Aunt Beth bought her before she out grew it.  Dresses are really handy for long car rides.  Easy to change diapers, esp. with a cute cover.  :)
That is a Better Health card in her hand, I traded that for my debit card.  lol

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