Monday, August 12, 2013

Sarah Elizabeth Holt

Fresh new baby is OUT!!  lol  It was a short, intense labor.  I was so happy she was out and now am done officially being pregnant and never ever want to be in labor again.  I'm a redhead and can feel pain more intensely than all you normal people.  That was the worst of the 3 on a pain scale.  I was so not ready to go into labor.   Sarah was born at 5:47am weighing 9lbs 3.8oz. and 20 inches long.  I guess walking around the fair for two hours did it.  : )
We are having the this is not going to happen again talk.  Snip snip.
Big sister meeting new baby.  She was very tired, but she did very well with our friend Nate in the waiting room during transition and pushing stage.  That man needs an award.  Bringing books and princess dolls.  Ingenious.  He has two daughters so he knew what to do and Maggie didn't want to leave him.  lol  That's a first.

Such a good picture.  Now the 24 hour poking and prodding begins from the hospital staff and bad hospital food.  Fun times.  Couldn't they just let us sleep.  Can you tell I don't like hospitals?

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