Monday, July 7, 2014


 Our tree with stockings.
 Someone is so excited James is here.  : )
 Maggie trying to brush James' hair.  lol
 Sarah gets to open a present first since she is the youngest.  Mama was last because she is the oldest.  lol
 Outfit from Granny.
 And Maggie with a matching outfit.  Thanks Granny!!
 And a nice jacket for James from Granny.
 Ooooh!!  Mama made doll carriers for the kids.  A Mei Tai wrap.
 So stinking cute.
 Ooooh and snap circuits from Granny and Grandpa.  Exciting!!
 Pots and pans from Granny to put with her kitchen stuff.  She cooks us up stuff all the time.  So fun.  Thanks Granny!

 Stereo from mama and Dave
 Someone does not want to let James go anywhere.  : )
 Working on snap circuits.
My 3 kiddos.
Carrying a dog and a cow.
So sweet!
Out in the snow.
Front stairs become a sledding hill.
Sarah all snuggled in.
James learning to knit.
Getting farther on his project.
Kids hand prints.
James taking a picture of himself.  Silly kid.

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