Sunday, July 6, 2014

More December

 Sorry, I've been about 6 months behind on this.  lol  Having 2 kids under 3 is a little bit of craziness and I've been soaking it up.  Now to start to get up to date.  Going to try to do one post a day until I'm caught up.

 Shopping with a list like mommy.  : )

 Lights around my plants. 
 Joy that mom would hang every year.  One of my favorite decorations from my childhood.  I guess it was Aunt Judy who made these and made 3 of them.  One for herself and one for each of her sisters.  Joy, Peace and Love.
 Our branch tree.  I detest
 Sittin' up.  : )
Our Christmas decorations.  Since we can't really go outside and mess around this is the first time we had a bunch of decorations up.

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