Friday, July 18, 2014

Winter II

 Chocolate frosting.  Yum!! 

 Hi doggy.

 Happy baby.
 Crated with our favorite puppy.
 Climbing in the snow.
 I can't do it mommy.
 So cold.

 Maggie wanted to have Sarah in her lap.
 Maggie's close-up.
 So cute.  Lots of tie dye.
 Maggie wanted Sarah to ride on her bike with her.
 Presents from Aunt Amy.  : )

 Super cute toddler pic.  I have one like this of James that is a favorite.  I need a third one from Sarah next and then I can frame them all together.
 Maggie loves her daddy.
 So silly.
 Big truck.
 Our new haircuts.
 Dressing up the doggy.

 Wearing both girls.  lol
 Tea party with Maggie.  : )
 She is so happy.  We now have a little shelf with her tea cups and plates on it in the corner so she can set it up herself.  : )
 Tea party guests.
Shelby loves pillows to put her head on.  This is a puzzle box pillow.  Silly pup.

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