Friday, July 18, 2014


 Our new puppy.  3/4 Great Pyranees 1/4 Anatolian Shepherd.
 Our Maggie Mae.

 Sarah cutie.

 Love my two fingers.
 Big puppies are huge chewers.  Ask me how I know this after spending part of winter in the house with a big puppy. 
 Lots of ice and snow on the roof.  Ice dams at the far end.  Now we know they are bad.  Really bad.  Really long cold winter.  Over 50 days below 0.  Cold.
 Our trail to take the dogs out.  Probably 4 feet of snow.  No respite at all. 
 Daphne loving the snow.  She will definitely love being out there this next winter.

 The puppy and kids love each other.  Best kid puppy ever.  Maggie still goes out in the back yard to play with her.  They both love it.
 First ponytail.  : )
 Riding the doggy.
Baby loves the doggy too.

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